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A few questions
PostPosted: Tue Nov 03, 2015 7:19 pm Reply with quote
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Hi again. Sorry for spamming with questions, but I'm trying to figure this program out before we decide on purchasing it. I apologize in advance if any/all of these are covered in the user guide, I skimmed through but didn't see anything.

Just a few questions:
1. Is there such thing as "ortho" mode when drawing rooms? Someway to keep my lines straight/snap to 90 degree angles?

2. How do you go about drawing a room inside a room? I have a big space and a room in the center area, how do I do that? Furthermore, how do I draw walls in the center of the space? I can see that you can add columns through objects, but what about rooms/walls? Do I use the box object?

Edit: 2b: How do you even use room objects? I added a pillar but how do I add to my space/floor?

3. How do you undo an errant line that was drawn when drawing a room without canceling the whole command? To be specific, when I'm drawing a room, sometimes I make a line the wrong angle/I misclick, and I press CTRL+Z but it undos other commands/changes outside the room command. This is especially important when I'm drawing complicated and large rooms and as I'm about to finish I misclick. Exiting the command and starting over is just a headache.

Edit: 4. Is there a 'dimension' command? A tool to measure my rooms/spaces?

That's all for now. Thank you!
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 12, 2015 5:49 pm Reply with quote
AFMG Pedro Lima
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Dear mkisno4,

Thank you for your questions. Please see if this can be of any help:

1. Yes, the Snap to Grid feature can be used for this. Go to File > Options > Display Options/Grid and mark the "Vertices" checkbox and press OK. Now the room Vertices will snap to the Grid and make your lines straight.

2. Precisely. Use Objects to consider volumes/surfaces inside your room. But keep in mind that reverberation times according to Eyring and Sabine are calculated. Hence, in order to have a good RT match, the room should attend to the equation premises. Notice that in this case the exact position of the elements donīt actually matter. Thatīs why you donīt need to position the objects inside the room. Only their volume, surface area e surface materials are needed. For more info about Sabine and Eyring equations and their validity, please refer to text books on the related subjects.

Notice that, as an alternative to the equations, the measured RT can also be directly entered for the room via the room tab. This would probably be the preferred scenario for projection of speech intelligibility, since you would be working with real RT values rather than estimated ones.

For more complex room shapes you might want to consider EASE (

3. I completely understand the frustration when that happens. Let me give you two alternatives. You could either:

3.1. Leave the wrong Vertex inserted as it is and move on to the next point. Then, after having closed the room, go to the Room properties tab and Edit the wrong Vertex coordinates. If you click the vertex in the top view it will be highlighted in the table; or

3.2. After having inserted the wrong Vertex, just ignore it and insert another Vertex where it should have been located in the first place. Then, after closing the room, just delete the wrong Vertex by clicking with the right mouse button over it > delete. You can even move on with the room and then just preposition the wrong Vertex by dragging it in the top view.

4. Unfortunately this kind of tool is not available. At the moment you can check each surface area from the surfaces tab.

I hope this helps.

Kind Regards,
Pedro Lima
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A few questions
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